Nano Africa

The Future Digital Money of Africa

Nano is a fee-less and instant digital money perfect for the Modern Africa

Why is Nano ideal for Africa?


Nano has no network fees, you send 1 Nano and they receive 1 Nano


The fastest digital currency around, fully confirmed in 0.2 seconds

Cutting Edge Decentralised Technology

Based on revolutionary Block Lattice Technology

Cross-border payments

A truly global money where you can easily transfer funds between businessess and countries

Sending Money to Relatives

Don't wait in a queue for expensive and traditional methods of remittance , you can easily send money home with Nano


Nano is ideal for helping businesses to trade

What is Nano Africa's Focus?

Nano Africa plans to focus on helping the adoption of Nano throughout Africa, it is currently focusing on introducing Nano to Ghana and Sierra Leone. Nano Africa works closely with Blockchain Foundation Africa and is in the process of organising Local Meet-Ups, Podcasts and Videos as well as going out and showing people the power of Nano.

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NanoGhana is a grassroots organisation based in Kumasi who are building a Nano community in Ghana.

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NanoSL (Sierra Leone) is a new organisation to promote the use of Nano in Sierra Leone, they are focusing on local education projects, charity work as well as introducing Nano to business owners and entrepreneurs all over Sierra Leone.

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The Nano Africa Team

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Ghana Meet-Up 22nd Febuary 2020, 12:00 - 16:00

The Nano Africa team planned a very successful Meet-Up in Kumasi, Ghana. It was a one day event with educational talks and demonstrations of how Nano works. The meetup has been successfuly funded through The Nano Center, and our funding proposal.

Checkout our Meet-Up Summary Video (short) - Youtube and Meet-up Full Video - Youtube


06/02/20 Nano Africa Team release @TryNanoBot on Telegram, watch videos on Telegram, learn about Nano and earn a little bit of Nano at the same time - check it out!
18/01/20 NanoGhana Meet-up sucessfully funded through The Nano Center!
09/01/20 You can buy Airtime for Ghana Networks from Bidali Gift Cards with Nano!

Bidali Annoucement

06/01/20 NanoGhana team help to add Nano to MidasProtocol Wallet

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